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Valid Grounds for Divorce in Harris County

Statistics show that the Texas divorce rate is 2.1 per 1,000 residents. If you want to file for divorce here in Harris County, you should be aware of the local Family Law. The county offers both no-fault and fault-based grounds for marriage dissolution.

A fault divorce can be granted if:

the spouses have lived apart for at least three years;

one of the spouses is confined in a mental hospital for at least three years;

one of the spouses abandoned the other party for at least one year;

there has been domestic abuse by one of the spouses;

marital infidelity by one of the spouses;

one of the spouses is convicted of a felony.

The no-fault grounds for divorce mean that the marriage is insupportable because of the conflict of personalities and discord between spouses.


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Nora P.
Nora P.

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Eddie V.
Eddie V.

“I knew that filing for divorce differs by state, but I never imagined that this process also varied by county. Luckily, I found This tool provided me with forms and filing tips that worked for Harris County.”

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Elwood M.

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Myra M.
Myra M.
La Porte

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Michele A.
Michele A.

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Chris M.

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Harris County Courts Addresses

In Texas, divorce cases are mainly reviewed by district courts. The following 10 courts handle general Family Law matters involving marriage dissolution, regardless of the petitioner’s residence in Harris County. After your divorce papers are ready, you can file them at one of these locations.

  • The 245th District Court

    201 Caroline, 15th Fl,
    Houston, 77002

    Phone: (713) 274-1245

  • The 247th District Court

    201 Caroline, 15th Fl,
    Houston, 77002

    Phone: (713) 274-1247

  • The 308th District Court

    201 Caroline, 8th Fl,
    Houston, 77002

    Phone: (713) 274-4600

  • The 310th District Court

    201 Caroline, 15th Fl,
    Houston, 77002-1928

    Phone: (713) 274-1310

  • The 312th District Court

    201 Caroline, 16th Fl,
    Houston, 77002

    Phone: (713) 274-4540

  • The 246th District Court

    201 Caroline, 16th Fl,
    Houston, 77002-1927

    Phone: (713) 274-4500

  • The 257th District Court

    201 Caroline, 16th Fl,
    Houston, 77002-1901

    Phone: (713) 274-4560

  • The 309th District Court

    201 Caroline, 16th Fl,
    Houston, 77002

    Phone: (713) 274-4520

  • The 311th District Court

    201 Caroline, 8th Fl,
    Houston, 77002

    Phone: (713) 274-4580

  • The 507th District Court

    201 Caroline, 15th Fl,
    Houston, 77002

    Phone: (713) 274-4620

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